Education as our Foundation

Education as we all know remains the only veritable tool of socio-economic development, and the only legacy worth bequeathing to our children. This realization is the only thing needed for any government and administration to put proper and sustainable foundation in place for the educational system in a country to foster development. A major ingredient aside the system of education and national curriculum that can help any country to develop at a swift pace is the education infrastructure.


Education Infrastructures

Education infrastructure is also a crucial factor in determining the quality of learning being churned out. In Nigeria, most public schools lack basic infrastructure, such as laboratory, library, electricity, and quality learning environment. While existing infrastructures in some public schools are in deplorable condition, others are below acceptable standards and, in few cases, non-existent. In some of these schools, there is lack of functional public sanitary facilities; hence, the ‘bush’ serves that purpose in such schools.


Introducing: A Better You Initiative

A BETTER YOU INITIATIVE is committed to creating a better learning environment and helping everyone develop healthy narratives through artistic works, paintings, educational playlets and community makeover projects, which will spur creativity, boost confidence, and promote development in the community.

Sparking Creative Thinking

Teaching Life Lessons

Improving Intelligence

Growing Social Competence And Empathy

A Glimpse of Our Vision