Our Kids are the Future

World Health Organization highlighted that there are global trends affecting children, especially at this uncertain time due to COVID-19, which has changed the state of being globally. We see a sharp alteration to perspectives generally, affecting every stratum. There is an urgent need to build the resilience in children and the young at heart generally. This will help them respond to uncertainty in all-wise which resolves to environmental stress, economic crises, or demographic puzzles. However, this resilience can be built in various ways, of which change in narrative is key, because when narratives are healthy, experiences could be better. This motivation birthed the Children Development Programme by A BETTER YOU INITIATIVE. Development experts noted that children get formed into their character set right from ages 0 to 9, then further built from 9 to 20, at which level, the foundation is established. It is wise to alter narrations at this stage, which is our aim; to contribute our quota to the appropriate narratives these should live by.


A Better You Initiative

A Children Development Programme aimed at creating a better learning environment to develop healthy narratives through artistic works, paintings, educational playlets and community makeover projects, which will spur creativity, boost confidence, and promote development in the community. Some of the benefits of our refreshing approach are:

  • Spark Creative Thinking
  • Improve Intelligence
  • Teach Life Lessons
  • Grow Social Competence And Empathy
  • Improve Communication, Vocabulary and Language
  • Stimulate Early Brain Development

Artistic Works




Educational Playlets


Community Makeover Projects


The Full Experience

We have designed the project to run in three phases


First Phase

The first phase is to help foster children with a better learning environment, paint their classrooms with amazing designs, teach and gift them with art materials and leave them with memorable moments. We are starting out with this phase, which concentrates on children at the early stage of life.


Second phase

The second phase is to reach out to secondary school pupils. Engage and talk to them or show a playlet on different issues that face society today such as; child abuse, rape, drug abuse, prostitution, amongst other subject matters.


Third Phase

The third phase is to reach out to the community in general through Street Art, which serves as Art therapy. We aim to create words and illustrations of encouragement at public spaces with amazing lighting, art and design pieces that connect, relate and relief people with frustration, depression and even beautify the environment. At the same time improve the psychological projection of both the appearance and functioning of local communities, which encourages fairness, individual freedom without interference with the freedom of others, and promotes people’s interaction, relationship, motivation, and development.


A Glimpse of Our Vision